People worry about the virus generally. But whether it’s corona or any other infectious agent, we need those 4 together to have a proper immune function.

I’m going to explain how they work within our body

1-Vitamin C

We all heard that Vitamin C is important. But how is it work?

Imagine you have an infection and your immune cells are fighting with it. Your immune cells need fuel to fight right?

That fuel is Vitamin C.

When we have an infection, our immune cells need much more Vitamin C to fight with it, because we have more agent to fight within our body at that moment

But, one cell is not enough for fighting. They have to communicate with each other and increase their number in that area. That’s where the Vitamin D comes in.

2-Vitamin D

Our cells have to send a signal to the immune system.

So that this signal activates other cells and they multiply their number to fight properly.

Without Vitamin D our immune cells remain naive. There is an interesting part though. Without Vitamin C, Vitamin D can’t be synthesized properly. Because Vitamin C activates a specific enzyme(1-25 D3 Hydroxylase) that converts Vitamin D into its usable form.

These two Vitamins need each other to function.

And guess what? 

In order to convert Vitamin D and metabolize it, We need what?


When our body converts Vitamin D, we deplete our Mg stores.

Since we’re already depleted in Mg at least in the western world.

We need also Mg and besides that, it plays part in 400 enzymatic processes.

And finally…


We need Zinc to modulate inflammation so that it doesn’t go crazy.

Think Zinc like a commander of an army. A commander must not let soldiers come out of control.

So does Zinc. 

In order to have a proper Immune System, We need those four together. Make sure you take those Vitamins and Minerals enough.

Take care…


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