So, What is the Veni-Vidi-Vici mentality? 

Basically, this is a mentality that keeps you out from today’s average men and makes you gain essential characteristics that any man should have in these days. This is a path towards a meaningful and successful life. The goal is that purify your personality from average characteristics and create a modern-day warrior. This is not gonna be an easy journey but in the end, you will gain so much and be better in all areas of your life. This is the beginning of this journey and let me explain our concept word by word.

Veni- I came

This symbolizes your passion to better, your passion to achieve your goals, your addiction to getting out of your comfort zone and set higher goals and never stop, the courage that makes you one step forward in front all the herd and you’re unstoppable want to improve yourself by creating struggles that strengthen your will.

Vidi- I saw

This symbolizes your mind. Life is tough and we have got so many struggles, adversity, and problems ahead of us. This doesn’t always be about your goals. Sometimes life gives us spontaneous difficulties and crises. What I mean by “mind” is the whether it’s about your goal or other things. You have to have a strength that keeps you calm in the crisis moment and you have to have a comprehensive perspective that makes you be able to analyze the problem and create a good solution quickly. When you have that kind of strong creative and calm mind, you will have the power in life to remove any obstacle that life gives you.

Vici-I conquered

As you can guess this is a reflection of satisfaction of achievement. Yes, you have the mind to solve problems or set big goals, etc. But you must have the gut that put the necessary effort for your goal and do whatever it takes to reach it. Once you feel the satisfaction to achieving hardcore shit. You will become addicted and that is gonna lead you to an unstoppable person.

I explained all the necessary things to at least have a vision of this mentality. You know everything is in your hand, you either become the best version of yourself or continue to be an average. İt is your choice…


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