We are seeing people all around watching Netflix, eating junks, partying all night, hanging around too much… I mean people that waste their most valuable thing which is time with pointless materials instead of doing something for them. You figured out what kind of person I just talked about right? The AVERAGE person.

   But when you look at those people, they have one thing in common. Guess what? They don’t have a GOAL. Having a goal is the secret behind growing and improving. Think about it when you don’t have a goal, what drives you to get up every single morning, and work hard. 

  Average people live their lives in a small box, they work at 9-5 jobs, come home, watch Netflix, and sleep. They usually complain about life’s injustice and blame others for their miserable life. They are addicted to their comfort zone and they don’t have the courage to set up a goal and work their ass off for it. These people condemned to be average by nature. 

  So, of course, you want to wriggle out from average I know. But you have to pay the price for it. You must work hard for yourself every single day. You must grab your balls and get out of your comfort zone. But I assure you this will be the best thing to do for yourself. You will realize when you begin to improve. 

 As I mentioned before people don’t leave their comfort zone for no reason. The first thing and best thing you do is set up a new GOAL. If you are willing to put to necessary effort instead of complaining, that will be the point where you begin to improve. The same rule applies to everything in life. For example, if you have problems with women, go and try to fix it instead of complaining about it, if you have money problems create multiple streams of income instead of holding on one source. Solving your problems in life must be your first goal and then you have to always push yourself forward. Set up new goals never satisfied. You must become addicted to improving yourself. That is how you are going to get rid of the average personality.

 See you soon…


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