Habits, we are used to hearing that term in our lives but how many of us actually aware of how powerful can they be? We associate it with bad behaviors, addictions, and other bad things. Usually, it evokes evil. I mean its usefulness isn’t the first thing that comes to our mind mostly. But think about it for a second, imagine how powerful you can be if you equip yourself with useful and good habits. 

Habits are like an unstable power. The reason why they unstable is that they can harm you as well as they can improve you. Think about drug addicts, alcohol addicts, or any other bad thing. The secret behind turning it into our advantage is to control it. Good habits usually the hardest to build, because they are not enjoyable like bad ones but you know that’s what separates a person from the herd, that’s the difference between being a winner or loser.

When we look at successful people, they have common characteristics traits, one of them is the ability to build a habit to improve themselves. They read daily, they exercise daily, they take action daily, etc. 

As you know success comes through actions, that s a solid fact that everyone knows, but do you know why successful people keep being successful all the time? Because they build habits that make them take action consistently. The motivation behind this behavior is their goal. 

Imagine you read 30 pages every day, at the end of the year you will have read dozens of books or imagine you workout daily, after enough time you will become a machine. Every little action you take on a daily basis will become a small part of your success. 

As human beings, we tend to adapt circumstances and we seek comfort and stability, we want to feel secure. That’s because of our nature. That is the reason most people don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. We know that a lot of insecurities await us outside of the comfort zone. To build a good habit, you need to get out of your comfort zone too. You have to be consistent for some time. But there is also a very beautiful thing about habits. Once you build it, it is far easier to keep it and when you reach that point, you will take those steps of success far easier than the beginning of your journey and those tough actions at the beginning become your comfort zone and then… Successful people settle with their accomplishments, on the other hand, VERY successful people set up new goals and leave their comfort zone again, and it turns into a cycle. At last, keep getting success becomes a part of their life. This is the key to permanent success. 

Aristo once said,” Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts.” Apply this mentality to your mind, learn how to use habits into your favor, and always remember that in order to reach excellence in life you must build strong habits as Aristo said.

Beyond all that, develop a habit that makes you constantly acquire success, frame your mind with this, and watch how you become the best version of yourself…

Take care…


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