This is the most common myth that bothers every guy’s mind who considers to give intermittent fasting a try and because they think it will breakdown their muscle, they never get started.

 Let s destroy some myths with science.

First of all, I want to start with this sentence, FASTİNG WON’T BREAKDOWN YOUR MUSCLE. In fact, there are many research that shows the opposite. Everyone thinks when they are in a fasted state their body produces cortisol and it will breakdown their muscle but the reality is much more different than that. Let me show you a study that proves otherwise.

This study was published in the journal of translational medicine and it took a look at 34 resistance-trained men and it broke them into two groups. It broke them into an intermittent fasting group and a standard group. İntermittent fasting group fasted for sixteen hours and they ate during an eight-hour window. The standard group ate traditionally, breakfast at 8 am lunch at 1 pm and dinner at 8 pm. Both groups ate exact same things. At the end of eight weeks what they found was that the overall muscle density,the muscle mass, and the fat-free mass, between both groups stayed exactly the same but there is one thing that did change and means a lot, which was fasting group ended up having a significant loss in body fat compared to the standard group. %16,8 overall fat loss in the fasting group versus %2,4 in the standard group. NEITHER GROUP LOST ANY MUSCLE but fasting group burned much more fat. You see the difference between these two right? but still, you think why the hell didn’t fasting group loses any muscle? There are 2 main reasons.

1- Fasting increases Human Growth Hormone

Our body normally uses amino acid to produce glucose which is called gluconeogenesis it is a natural process, what growth hormone actually does is prevent our body to use amino acid.

2- Ketone bodies

Whenever we are not eating for an extended period of time our liver produces ketone bodies. What they do is blocking leucine oxidation. You know leucine right? It is one of the branch chained amino acid and it is in our muscles.

Now, you learned the truth, what are you waiting for? Start fasting and change your life in a good way. Believe me you are not gonna lose muscle.

Take care…


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